Гидравлический съёмник

Гидравлический съёмник
Гидравлический съёмник


Hydraulic Puller

Описание продукции
  • Split-Unite Style
    Item No : CPS-10L, CPS-20L
  • Integral-Unit Style (EP)
    Item No : EP-5, EP-10, EP-20, EP-30
  • Integral-Unit Style (CK)
    Item No : CK-5, CK-10, CK-20
Function :
Using new type of hydraulic gear puller is convenient for operating.
Workers can exchange two jaws and three jaws freely in the scene working.
The puller can be touched working center quickly after rotary according to the distance between puller and piston center.
It can choose pump freely.
The jaws with three can be adjusted from high to low point.