61F-G2 Floatless Level Switch

61F-G2 Floatless Level Switch
61F-G2 Floatless Level Switch

INTRODUCTION Automatic Drainage Control with Issuance of Alarm for Abnormal Water increase.

Product Description
  • When the liquid level in the drainage tank exceeds E1 (high), the motor is turned on and when the level drops to E2 (medium) it is turned off. When the liquid surface rises to E4 (highest), an alarm is sounded warning the abnormally high level.
  • Thus, the liquid level control is conducted within the range between the tips of E1 (high) and E2 (medium) in the water tank. Therefore, the range of control can be freely adjusted by changing the length of E1 and E2.
  • However, depending on the type of liquid and voltage variation, a slight difference is noted of the level where the pump presumes operation after liquid level has reached the tip of the electrode.
Item NO :
  • SUS-S (Connecting Nut)
  • PS-3S (Electrode Holder)
  • SUS-A (Electrode Rod)