Signal Tower / Emergency Warning Led Light

CAMSCO is a manufacturer of warning lights and emergency lights, including signal tower light, emergency led lights, warning emergency lights. For more information about CAMSCO's GPS emergency led light please feel free to contact us. CAMSCO is always glad to help you.


Warning Light Economic Type

  • High transparent and fadeless dome made of high photo-permeable materials
  • J for buzzer of high tone quality
  • Red, yellow, green and blue available

Models No.: CA-108, CA-108A, CA-2002, CA-408, CA-904, CY-2002.
Voltage: AC 110~240V.
Power: 0.5W.
Dimensions (W x L x H ):
(1) CA-108: 275 x 70 x 250(mm).
(2) CA-108A: 275 x 70 x 250(mm).
(3) CA-2002: 275 x 90 x 310(mm).
(4) CA-408: 275 x 90 x 420(mm).
(5) CA-904: 275 x 90 x 310(mm).
(6) CY-2002: 660 x 140 x 110(mm).