Snap Switches, On/Off Toggle Switch

As an experienced snap switches manufacturer, Camsco insists and focus on what customers' need and providing high quality, good performance on off toggle switches to the world. With good reputation obtained from the world, Camsco is always glad to help you, please feel free to contact us for more information about toggle on off switch.


Item No. 1021: AC250V 15A ON-OFF  Toggle Switch
Item No. 1122: AC250V 15A ON-OFF-ON  Toggle Switch
Item No. 1322: AC250V 15A ON-OFF-ON  Snap Switches
Item No. 1121: AC250V 15A ON-ON  Snap Switches
Item No. 1221: AC250V 15A ON-OFF  Toggle Switches
Item No. 1321: AC250V 15A ON-ON  Toggle Switches