Wiring Accessories, Plastic Wiring Duct

CAMSCO ELECTRIC is a well-recognized electrical wiring accessories manufacturer in Taiwan. All of our wire ducts, wiring ducts, clip on cable, round type wiring duct, wiring Duct cutter, nylon cable tie through meticulous produced is full of high sensitivity. If you are interested in our wiring accessories, welcome to contact us online.


Clip on Cable Marker

  • White body with black mark
  • Installed before or after terminations are made
  • Withstanding harsh environment and high temperature from -22F(-30C) to 194F(90C)
  • Removable and reusable
  • Resistant to chemical environments
  • 30pcs/Rod
  • Solid no or letter for 0,1,2,3...9
  • A,B,C.....Z,+,-, Blank
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