Phase Protection Relay, PF-001

Phase Protection Relay, PF-001
Phase Protection Relay, PF-001

INTRODUCTION The PF-001 relay is design to continuously monitor 3 phase power supplies and protect against :

  • Phase failure
  • Incorrect phase sequence (rotation)
  • Symmetrical undervoltage
  • Asymmetrical undervoltage

Product Description

FURTHER INFORMATION The internal relay remains energized and the LED is illuminated only when the power system is satisfactory for connection to 3 phase motors or other 3 phase equipment. The internal relay will also de-energies on asymmetrical undervoltages which often occur when a fuse goes open with a motor or transformer on line, providing that the “ghost” voltage does not exceed 75% of the nominal.

CHARACTERISTICS Burden : 4 VA at nominal volts
Difference : Approx. 2%
Contact rating (max) : 5A 250V (non inductive)
Contact life : 10 ჼ at full load rating
Temperature range : 0℃ to 60℃
Dielectric : AC 2000V one Min
Change over contacts : 1A1B or 2A2B
Fixing : To standard 35mm DIN rail



Nominal Voltage :

1ph inputs 120, 220, 240, 50/60Hz
3ph 3w inputs 380 or 415v L-L.
3ph 4w inputs 120, 220, 240. L-N.
Max. voltage : nominal +30%
Temperature dependence : Less than 1% change of setting for 10℃ change.
Calibrated speed : ±5% to ±20% of nominal volts.


Item NO :
  • PF-001
    Nominal Voltage : 380V or 415V L-L, 50 or 60Hz
    Max. voltage : nominal +15%
    Min voltage : Factory pre set to de-energies at 85% nominal

2. Nominal L-L volts and frequency.
3. Single or double pole change-over contacts.