Nail Cable Clip & Cable Clamp

Nail Cable Clip & Cable Clamp
Nail Cable Clip & Cable Clamp


  • Nail Cable Clip
  • Cable Clamp

Product Description
Nail Cable Clip :
  • Material : Impact Resistant PE (Grey)
  • Applied for general round cables
  • With nails inserted
  • Black, White color available
  • Item NO : NC-0.275N, NC-0.35N, NC-0.4N, NC-0.5N, NC-1N, NC-1NL, NC-1.5N, NC-2N, NC-2.5N, NC-3N, NC-3.5N, NC- 4N, NC-6N, NC-7N, NC-7.2N, NC-7.5N, NC-8N, NC-9N, NC-10N
Cable Clamp :
  • Material : UL approved NYLON 66, 94-2
  • KSS CABLE CLAMPS are designed to hold cables, tubes and electric apparatus generally.
  • Interior edges are radiused to protect cable insulation.
  • To apply, just clamp down on loosen cables and screw it to chassis.
  • Black color available.
  • Packing : 100pcs/bag
  • Item NO : UC-0, UC-0.5, UC-1, UC-1.5, UC-2, UC-3, UC-4, UC-5, UC-6, UC-6.5, UC-7, UC-9