Nylon Cable Tie - New

Nylon Cable Tie - New
Nylon Cable Tie - New


  • Natural nylon : Camsco standard cable ties made from U.L. approved nylon 6/6. Normal service temperature range : -40℃ to 85℃ Flammability rating : UL 94V-2
  • Color : Natural (or white, standard color), black and other color are available as requested.
  • Packing : 100pcs / bag

Product Description
Item NO :
  • CV-6024 (L60 x W2.4 mm)
  • CV-8024 (L80 x W2.4 mm)
  • CV-10025 (L100 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-12025 (L120 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-15025 (L150 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-16525 (L165 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-18025 (L180 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-20025(L200 x W2.5 mm)
  • CV-12036 (L120 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-15036 (L150 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-18036 (L180 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-20036 (L200 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-25036 (L250 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-30036 (L300 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-35036 (L350 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-38036 (L380 x W3.6 mm)
  • CV-12048 (L120 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-15048 (L150 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-18048 (L180 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-20048 (L200 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-25048 (L250 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-30048 (L300 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-35048 (L350 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-38048 (L380 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-40048 (L400 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-45048 (L450 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-50048 (L500 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-55048 (L550 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-65048 (L650 x W4.8 mm)
  • CV-15070 (L150 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-18070 (L180 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-20070 (L200 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-25070 (L250 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-30070 (L300 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-35070 (L350 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-40070 (L400 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-45070 (L450 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-50070 (L500 x W7.0 mm)
  • CV-20072 (L200 x W7.2 mm)
  • CV-25076 (L250 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-30076 (L300 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-35076 (L350 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-38076 (L380 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-40076 (L400 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-45076 (L450 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-50076 (L500 x W7.6 mm)
  • CV-40088 (L400 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-45088 (L450 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-50088 (L500 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-55088 (L550 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-65088 (L650 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-76088 (L760 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-92088 (L920 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-102088 (L1020 x W8.8 mm)
  • CV-650120 (L650 x W12.0 mm)
  • CV-760120 (L760 x W12.0 mm)