Cable Markers

Cable Markers
Cable Markers


Product Description
  • Mark tongue spans to fit various cable diameters and retracts to hold wires firmly in position
  • Maximum service temperature : 85℃
  • Material : Made of finest soft grade, strong, durable P.V.C. that will resist oil, grease, acid, abrasion, and chemicals.
  • EC type cable marker features high quality flexible interior to fit various cable diameters.
  • The markers stay attached on a roller and can be dispatched easily when needed.
  • Bold print on yellow body to shoe your codes distinguishly. Any numbers can be composed by arranging letter and numbers in sequence to provide the necessary codes.
  • To be fitted before the terminal is attached or solder connection made and grip cables firmly in position.
  • Item NO : T-0, T-1, T-2, T-3