Spiral Wrapping Band

Spiral Wrapping Band
Spiral Wrapping Band

INTRODUCTION Spiral Wrapping Band

Product Description
  • Material : Made from P.E. material. Excellent in insulation and binding strength.
  • Color : Standard in natural.
  • Description : Flexible construction enables band to follow wire ways easily.
  • Durable, reusable with retained spiral strength.
  • Fix ends of band with cable ties and spiral wire bundles in clockwise direction to complete works.
  • Expand spiral rang almost without limit.
  • Black color available.
  • A economical way of cable binding. Easily applied to electric harness cables and wire bundles. Cut-to-fit versatility in convenient roll-form.
  • Packing : 10M per plastic bag
  • Item NO : CS-6, CS-8, CS-10, CS-12, CS-15, CS-19, CS-24